About Me

My name is Daniel Pallesen and I live in Tawa , Wellington. I am 14 years old and attend school at Tawa College. I play interclub tennis for Tennis inc in Tawa. I enjoy playing computer games and coding. I also enjoy listening to music and podcasts so I have included a song below.

Wonderboy - Tenacious D

Software and Programming Skills

I have used a large range of programming languages and software. I have experience in a lot of adobe’s such as photoshop, indesign , illustrator and a small amount of experience in adobe flash. I have experience in other softwares as well such as making a few games Unity 3D, using audacity to trim, cut, splice and modify sound files as well as other photo editing software such as paint.net. I also have some experience with several coding languages I have used html, css and a small amount of js for web design, C# and java script for making games in the unity engine and some python for making simpler games and other programs.